Is your brand’s customer journey worth the trip?

customer journey

Drive big results by helping your dealers focus on small moments. We marketers tend to talk at length about the Customer Journey and the Customer Experience. As well we should because these are important branding concepts. They can also be overwhelming since marketing’s role is to optimize every moment of a brand’s interaction with its […]

Häfele Led Brochure Energizes Dealer Network Powering a 30% Increase in Led Sales

Couple enjoying glass of wine

Challenge LED lighting isn’t new, and it’s much more complicated than just changing a bulb. This complexity was a huge obstacle for Häfele and Wood-Mode to overcome when introducing a complete LED lighting program for Wood-Mode dealers. The initiative was announced during a Wood-Mode dealer meeting, and it was critical that dealers signed up for […]

Dex Eaton Authorized Rebuilder Campaign Exceeds <br> All Sales Goals with 1,250% ROI

Transmission repair

Challenge DEX Heavy Duty Parts is the nation’s largest supplier of renovated, recycled, and surplus truck parts. They had recently earned the elite designation of Eaton Authorized Rebuilder. This created some opportunities to expand the DEX customer base of dealers and independent repair facilities. It also presented challenges. Since DEX had fewer distribution centers than […]

Hyster-Yale Group Aftermarket Meeting Results in <br> 94% Dealer Engagement

Dealer meeting

Challenge The Hyster-Yale Aftermarket Group had a tremendous amount of content to cover during their annual dealer meeting. With dozens of topics and presenters to manage there was a real danger of death by PowerPoint. The information was often dense, and technical and the folks tasked with creating presentations all had pretty intense day jobs […]

Volvo Trucks Dealer Collateral <br> Saves 50% in Printing Costs

Volvo: Helping customer

Challenge Volvo Trucks expanded its product line, which made keeping up with the support collateral for dealers very cumbersome and repetitive. We saw this as an opportunity to simplify the collateral system while still giving customers access to important technical information. Solution We looked at the story we needed to tell and developed a content-flexible […]

Volvo Trucks Genuine Overhaul Campaign Simplifies Complex Sales Conversations


Challenge Overhauls aren’t sexy like a shiny new truck. Okay, sexy isn’t the right word but you get the idea. There are a lot of fleets that operate older equipment that could benefit from an engine overhaul. Our job was to make sure they consider a genuine overhaul before the truck is on the hook […]

Mack Genuine Oil Campaign

Mack Genuine Oil: Cleaning oil on hands

Challenge Simply put, yes, the oil costs more, but you use much less of it. With the introduction of its innovative EOS-4.5 heavy-duty oil, Mack Trucks needed to educate fleet operators about the potential cost savings in both equipment protection and extended service intervals made possible by the new formulation. Solution The campaign consisted of […]

Road Choice Truck Parts Rebranding Increases Dealer Participation

Road Choice: Couple Purchasing Product

Challenge The original Road Choice branding was designed to bring to mind a simpler time with the vintage look of an old, friendly truck stop. However, as the brand evolved it became apparent that it was out of sync with the target of fleet operations of varying sizes. Without a clear, well-defined brand the customers […]

Quick, what does your brand stand for?

If you have to stop and think, you’re in trouble. It’s important to continuously educate your organization about what makes your brand unique. Because the worst brand message is no brand message at all. Of course, you have a brand message. You know it by heart from all those conference room presentations you’ve made. But […]

Let’s Make the Dealer the Hero of Your Brand

Your dealers should be catalysts that propel your brand forward. Marketing and brand directors will likely nod along and say, “Absolutely, they should be. But they aren’t.” I’ve witnessed frustration on both sides of the fence between dealers and the manufacturers they represent. Like any relationship it requires effort from both parties. But dealers are required to serve many masters, so for better or worse the lion’s share of the effort in this relationship belongs to the manufacturer. Of course, the manufacturers also reap most of the rewards.