Hyster-Yale Group Aftermarket Meeting Results in
94% Dealer Engagement

A successful event means thinking outside the slides.


The Hyster-Yale Aftermarket Group had a tremendous amount of content to cover during their annual dealer meeting. With dozens of topics and presenters to manage there was a real danger of death by PowerPoint. The information was often dense, and technical and the folks tasked with creating presentations all had pretty intense day jobs so creating a presentation wasn’t always their top priority.


We advised Hyster-Yale on a number of strategic directions to help keep dealers engaged and presenters consistent. Our management of an event app allowed the dealers and staff to participate in the meeting, rather than being relegated to the role of spectator. Functions such as live polling, Q&A, gamification and messaging kept the audience engaged. We also helped design the space to create a large-format visual display to make a bold, exciting experience. Finally, we assisted with both design and content for the more than 200 slides. The wide format allowed for the information to be designed in a simple, graphic fashion. Text on the screen was limited and we held training sessions to assist each of the speakers with their presentations.

Creating Connections


Events are notoriously hard to measure through traditional methods; however, analytics available from the app told us dealers were engaged at an astounding rate of 94%. Post-event surveys and dealer feedback also confirmed that attendees walked away with a solid understanding of the topics that were covered and an impressive, highly respected opinion of the brand.