Häfele Led Brochure Energizes Dealer Network Powering a 30% Increase in Led Sales

We didn’t invent LED lighting. We just helped dealers see it.


LED lighting isn’t new, and it’s much more complicated than just changing a bulb. This complexity was a huge obstacle for Häfele and Wood-Mode to overcome when introducing a complete LED lighting program for Wood-Mode dealers. The initiative was announced during a Wood-Mode dealer meeting, and it was critical that dealers signed up for the program for the investment to pay off.

Hafele: Kitchen drawer


Ten Pound Hammer created an overview book, giving dealers a reminder of the design installations and a resource of technical information. The book served as inspiration for dealers, helping them understand the design and revenue possibilities LED lighting represents.
Hafele LED Lighting: Bright ideas


Dealers enthusiastically embraced the program and returned home with an understanding of both the design possibilities and technical requirements. This became the first building block in a very successful program that ultimately increased LED lighting sales by 30%.