Mack Genuine Oil Campaign

Proof that you really should pay attention in algebra.


Simply put, yes, the oil costs more, but you use much less of it. With the introduction of its innovative EOS-4.5 heavy-duty oil, Mack Trucks needed to educate fleet operators about the potential cost savings in both equipment protection and extended service intervals made possible by the new formulation.

Engine Oil


The campaign consisted of highly targeted digital media, reaching specific fleet customers and directing them to an interactive calculator where they could input the specific parameters of their operation and calculate the projected annual savings. The effort was also supported by dealer POP that reinforced the savings message. Visit the online calculator here: mackgenuineoilcalculator.com

Mack Genuine Campaign


The oil calculator received significant traffic, and the advertising generated metrics significantly higher than any industry benchmarks. And as a bonus, the calculator proved a useful tool in one-on-one sales conversations.