Dex Eaton Authorized Rebuilder Campaign Exceeds
All Sales Goals with 1,250% ROI

Like the transmissions, this campaign has a lot of moving parts.


DEX Heavy Duty Parts is the nation’s largest supplier of renovated, recycled, and surplus truck parts. They had recently earned the elite designation of Eaton Authorized Rebuilder. This created some opportunities to expand the DEX customer base of dealers and independent repair facilities. It also presented challenges. Since DEX had fewer distribution centers than other rebuilders it was critical that dealers committed to stocking the transmissions to avoid vehicle downtime. Everything hinged on getting the dealers on board. 


We mapped out a campaign strategy of education supported by incentives. An internal communications effort to existing DEX dealers educated them on where the DEX/Eaton rebuilt transmission products fit within the vehicle lifecycle while also presenting several levels of benefits based on the dealer’s stocking commitment. The basic level offered a complete set of sales materials including innovative video brochures for parts counter and outside parts salespeople. Dealers stocking at higher levels were supported with a keyword search campaign that drove traffic directly to their dealership. Plus, counter sales staff could claim DEX gear for every transmission they sold.
DEX Remanufactured Transmissions. OEM Quality. Expertly Remanufactured


The campaign resulted in a dealer adoption rate and sales that exceeded all projections with an amazing 1,250% ROI. The effort has allowed DEX to establish itself as a leading provider of Eaton Rebuilt transmissions and continues to grow sales of the product. The digital campaign has been a very popular incentive with dealers, getting CTRs of 1.14% and a solid number of inbound leads.