Road Choice Truck Parts Rebranding Increases Dealer Participation

We can fix that brand for you.


The original Road Choice branding was designed to bring to mind a simpler time with the vintage look of an old, friendly truck stop. However, as the brand evolved it became apparent that it was out of sync with the target of fleet operations of varying sizes. Without a clear, well-defined brand the customers would use price as the main differentiator. And price is a tough position to own. The brand needed to evolve in order to stay relevant with their fleet customers.


We started with research, discussing the brand position with internal managers. Internally, Road Choice was viewed as a solution for fleets who run higher-mileage equipment. However, when we talked to dealers they saw the brand as a low price option for owner/operators at the parts counter. We set out to close the gap between the goals of the brand and the current perception of the dealers.

A bold rebranding effort was undertaken based on our research. We started with a complete brand strategy to elevate the brand above the low priced competitors with the messages of reliability and confidence. Following the strategy, a complete identity transformation was undertaken. Everything got an overhaul to use the language of the truck aftermarket. Starting with a well-defined brand voice, we built a completely new identity for the brand across all media.

Road Choice: Road Check


The new Road Choice brand has been enthusiastically adopted by dealers, with increased participation in the Road Choice product line and promotions. And more participation means more sales.