Gary Thompson believes even the most technical work should elevate your brand.

Gary was always creatively driven, so naturally, his career took him to some big agencies where he excelled at the technical B2B work that most creative people avoid like a cliche´. The results were happy clients and account managers, and more than a few awards. But the kind of work that gets noticed within the walls of most ad agencies is the shiny, showy consumer campaigns. The kind with celebrities and trips to LA. So to the agency principals, Gary was invisible. Agencies viewed that layer of work as “below-the-line” even though it was important to clients.

Increasingly frustrated, Gary had a hard time fitting in at those shops. So he started his own agency where the work is still created to the same high standards while supporting sales. Better, smarter programs, campaigns, and materials that deliver better results no matter how technical the subject matter or complex the sales channel. That’s what Ten Pound Hammer delivers.

And the clients are still happy.

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