Sales may not be on your resume, but it’s part of every marketer’s job. I came to a couple of conclusions early in my career that have served me well. We’re all selling something. The best salespeople solve problems. Salespeople get a bad rap. They’re punch lines, the butt of jokes, and typically reduced to […]

Mack Trucks Radiator Campaign <br> gets 98% Dealer Approval

Challenge Mack Trucks had to repair more than radiators. They needed to repair relationships with their dealers, too. Due to some supply chain issues, dealers had experienced delays in radiator shipments that made business challenging. Though the issues were quickly resolved, the trust was still a little damaged and more work needed to be done. […]

Quick, what does your brand stand for?

If you have to stop and think, you’re in trouble. It’s important to continuously educate your organization about what makes your brand unique. Because the worst brand message is no brand message at all. Of course, you have a brand message. You know it by heart from all those conference room presentations you’ve made. But […]

Industry change drives training.

The exponential rate of change in today’s world is reflected in the kitchen and bath industry. Products, especially, are becoming more complex.

In 2018, Ten Pound Hammer took on the project of asking dealers in the custom kitchen and bath industry about the issue of training to determine dealer attitudes toward training and their most important training issues.

How to do training that actually works (and creates revenue).

Over and over, dealers in the kitchen & bath industry express the need for quality training materials. Similar to a sales-and-marketing mindset, training materials must be engaging. And no matter what format they were commenting about, dealers agree that boring, confusing, or incomplete material is not helpful and therefore altogether unnecessary. Moreover, outdated materials created […]

Five things to know before creating your new training program.

Training helps professionals become better communicators, more effective managers, or more profitable salespeople. Training is the connection between your people, your products, and your customers that ensures a return on time and financial investment. Training is marketing. It is an extension of your brand. And it is critical to your success.

Training means revenue for brands.

Training helps professionals become better communicators, more effective managers, or more profitable salespeople. Training ensures a return on time and financial investment as it links your people, your products, and your customers together.

Product training: The critical job that (almost) nobody is doing.

We produce a fair amount of technical work that’s used by our clients to inform dealers how to sell, install, and maintain all kinds of products. But even with pieces written and designed to communicate the right information in an engaging way, it doesn’t mean the brand can sit back and watch the sales roll […]

Product launches? Actually, they really are a lot like rocket science.

There’s a saying that most products launch like a rocket and drop like a rock. The comparison of product launches to rocket science, well, it’s kind of a no brainer. You’ve got the hours upon hours of research and hard work. The passion and anticipation, with equal doses of hand wringing and worrying. All the […]