So you think it’s time for a rebrand? Not so fast.

It’s a conversation that comes up on a regular basis. A client says, “we need to rebrand our company.” To which I reply, “are you sure?” You’d think that as a creative agency, I would simply dive in and push for budget approval. But a rebrand is often ill-advised. I’ll outline the pros and cons, […]

Mack Trucks Radiator Campaign <br> gets 98% Dealer Approval

Challenge Mack Trucks had to repair more than radiators. They needed to repair relationships with their dealers, too. Due to some supply chain issues, dealers had experienced delays in radiator shipments that made business challenging. Though the issues were quickly resolved, the trust was still a little damaged and more work needed to be done. […]

Filling potholes in the customer journey.

The path from your brand to your customer must include your dealer’s brand. Manufacturer brands that sell through independent dealers often ignore those dealers. And in cases where the dealer isn’t completely ignored, they’re taken for granted—and treated as an in-house sales rep. Manufacturers and their dealers often end up fighting over customers like a divorced […]

The rebrand is complete! An update on our Greensboro Brandemic Project.

Our winner of Ten Pound Hammer’s Greensboro Brandemic Project has a new identity. Triad Legal Group, the nonprofit law firm that won our 2020 pro bono branding contest, has launched its new graphic identity to more accurately reflect the mission of the organization.The Brandemic Project started as a way to help as the local business […]

A few industry takeaways from a totally throwaway year.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still processing 2020. And that’s limiting the topic to just advertising and marketing––the public health, economic and social issues are way over my head. The experts say to write about what you know. So, here’s what I know. My rear-view-mirror look at 2020 reveals a pattern similar to […]

Dear marketer, be patient with yourself. We’re all figuring this out too.

Marketers are lost in a fog of confusion

Early in my journey of running an agency, an MBA type asked me, “What is the goal of a corporation?” Since he wore a suit every day I thought he was looking for an answer like “maximize shareholder value” or “establish a lasting competitive advantage.” Wrong. According to him, the goal of a corporation is […]

The world is changing and good marketing matters more than ever

For most B2B brands out there, the role of marketing has changed drastically during the COVID-19 crisis. Marketing, as we understood it a few short weeks ago, has fundamentally changed. My guess is it will continue to change for months to come. But more than even a few weeks ago, getting marketing right matters. Here […]

You should sound as good as you look. Brand voice matters.

Think back to years ago (or maybe just days) when you were going out to meet some friends, and maybe make some new ones. You check yourself out in the mirror. No stains on your shirt. Your fly is zipped. No spinach in your teeth. You look good. There you are, talking with your friends […]

Big Data? Try Listening Instead.

Big Data is a fascinating concept. Some of its applications are mind blowing. And the cost of employing it to solve problems and answer questions is shrinking. But face it, for all but the most flush small businesses, it’s still out of reach. Big Data requires connecting the dots between the company, its vendors, distributors, and retailers to capture data across the supply chain and at every transactional point. Using that data demands the resources to store it, and the computing power to perform data analysis to support the questions companies want to answer. Which means a lot of time and energy must go into deciding what questions to ask. That’s time, money and attention that many businesses can’t spare.