It’s hard to be engaging over Zoom. We can fix that.

Web meetings are hard under the best of circumstances. These days if you’re preparing content to share with internal or external stakeholders, the visual representation has to work a lot harder. You may be a great presenter in a conference room or on an event stage. But when you’re the size of a postage stamp […]

Is your tradeshow marketing delivering ROI?

Let’s face it, tradeshows are expensive. In many cases, the total cost of participation can rival an entire year’s advertising spend online or in an industry trade publication. And just like branding campaigns, tradeshows are a long-term investment, where sales cycles can draw out for weeks, months, even years. So how do you know if your tradeshow participation was worth it? There’s a simple answer: Measure, measure, measure. Before you tune out, read on just a bit more. You don’t have to be a mathematical modeling wizard to assess ROI, and we can help.

Already stressed out about KBIS?

Here are a few thoughts on getting the most out of the show that never ends. KBIS is five months away, and already every social media feed is flooded with #KBIS2018. What is a weary marketer to do in the current state of “always on” marketing? There isn’t much you can do to slow down […]

KBIS & IBS Know What Your Customers Want: Value

Pardon me, but I’m up to here with companies that claim to innovate. Innovation is a buzzword, a cliché, a shiny distraction wrapped around nothing that benefits customers. It’s the last refuge of businesses that aren’t completely clear about the value they provide to their customers. But I’m feeling hopeful. And I’ve got the kitchen […]

Three stages of trade show marketing to maximize your ROI

  Three Stages of Trade Show Marketing to Maximize Your ROI Fall trade show season seemed to be a good time to revisit our philosophy regarding trade show marketing and participation. Trade shows matter. You don’t always get that message from exhibitors or attendees, but they do matter. You sometimes have to look hard to […]