Antimicrobial Product Launch Drives <br> 400% Increase in Sales

Challenge Our client was engaged in methodical research and development for the brand we eventually named. Novalent. Their target was originally commercial food processing and production. Then COVID-19 disrupted their plans. The brand had to quickly respond to public health needs that ranged from a shortage of hand sanitizer to products designed to clean and […]

Dex Eaton Authorized Rebuilder Campaign Exceeds <br> All Sales Goals with 1,250% ROI

Transmission repair

Challenge DEX Heavy Duty Parts is the nation’s largest supplier of renovated, recycled, and surplus truck parts. They had recently earned the elite designation of Eaton Authorized Rebuilder. This created some opportunities to expand the DEX customer base of dealers and independent repair facilities. It also presented challenges. Since DEX had fewer distribution centers than […]

Prevost Marketing Tool Kit Delivers 1,700 Assets in The First 60 Days

Provost: Woman looking out of window on bus

Challenge What do you do when your customers need help? You help them, of course. The bus manufacturer’s direct customers—tour operators—are not known for their marketing acumen. Prevost decided to step in to provide support to raise awareness and promote motor coach travel over other alternatives. Solution

Volvo Trucks Genuine Overhaul Campaign Simplifies Complex Sales Conversations


Challenge Overhauls aren’t sexy like a shiny new truck. Okay, sexy isn’t the right word but you get the idea. There are a lot of fleets that operate older equipment that could benefit from an engine overhaul. Our job was to make sure they consider a genuine overhaul before the truck is on the hook […]

Mack Genuine Oil Campaign

Mack Genuine Oil: Cleaning oil on hands

Challenge Simply put, yes, the oil costs more, but you use much less of it. With the introduction of its innovative EOS-4.5 heavy-duty oil, Mack Trucks needed to educate fleet operators about the potential cost savings in both equipment protection and extended service intervals made possible by the new formulation. Solution The campaign consisted of […]

Road Choice Truck Parts Rebranding Increases Dealer Participation

Road Choice: Couple Purchasing Product

Challenge The original Road Choice branding was designed to bring to mind a simpler time with the vintage look of an old, friendly truck stop. However, as the brand evolved it became apparent that it was out of sync with the target of fleet operations of varying sizes. Without a clear, well-defined brand the customers […]

Three ways to fill the holes in your digital strategy.

Three ways to fill the holes in your digital strategy.

Having a digital strategy is a good thing. But there’s a problem. We count on digital metrics to make an impact in the non-digital world. And frankly, they’re not enough. Most products exist in a form other than just pixels. They’re on a shelf, in a showroom, or on your porch in an Amazon box. […]

5 Social Media Tactics to Build Dealer Loyalty

5 Social Media Tactics to Build Dealer Loyalty Effective social media tactics demand more than just selfies and news articles. For the B2B relationship, it can be a powerful tool. Specifically, social media can be utilized to improve dealer loyalty and help your brand better connect with its customers. So we’ve put together five social […]