Fixing radiators is easy. Fixing dealer relationships, now that’s hard.

Pure Mack Radiator Program gets 98% dealer approval


Mack Trucks had to repair more than radiators. They needed to repair relationships with their dealers, too. Due to some supply chain issues, dealers had experienced delays in radiator shipments that made business challenging. Though the issues were quickly resolved, the trust was still a little damaged and more work needed to be done.


TPH packaged the new program in ways that made it easier to assure the dealers understood that the previous problems were in the past. This included dealer training content and a more simplified ordering process. Once the dealers were up to speed on the new program, they were provided with sales support material and point-of-sale displays for parts departments.


Post-launch surveys of dealer participants showed that 98% of dealers said the program will help them increase their Pure Mack Radiator sales. And getting that many dealers to agree on anything is no small accomplishment.