Sometimes your overhaul marketing needs an overhaul.

Volvo Trucks Genuine Overhaul Campaign


Overhauls aren’t sexy like a shiny new truck. Okay, sexy isn’t the right word but you get the idea. There are a lot of fleets that operate older equipment who could benefit from an engine overhaul. Our job was to make sure they consider a genuine overhaul before the truck is on the hook of a tow truck with a load of cucumbers that need to be delivered.


We developed an online overhaul selector tool that allows the customer to enter some basic information about their truck’s symptoms and receive a recommendation as to what type of overhaul most appropriate for their situation. We also prepared the service advisors with training material to facilitate the conversation and brochures to give customers an overview of the options. Customers were directed to the overhaul selector tool through a targeted digital media effort that used email, IP targeting, and social media channels.


The campaign is showing positive results early on, with dealers embracing the online selector as a sales tool for one-on-one customer conversations.