Follow the sign to stop competing on price.

Mack and Volvo Trucks “It comes with the sign” program


Truck dealers are in a competitive business, and customers can fixate on price. With a world of low-quality brands on the market, our goal was to equip the dealer to move the conversation from the price tag to the total cost of doing business. Mack and Volvo Trucks have great stories to tell customers about resources and warranties that “come with the sign” when they choose to do business with a Mack or Volvo Truck dealer.


We developed a multi-phased communication and training program that began at the corporate level, then dealers, and finally dealers were provided customer-facing materials to guide the conversations. To keep the initiative top-of-mind, employees that completed the training were given a replica of the Mack and Volvo dealer sign that doubled as a business card holder.


The materials helped create a better understanding of the value of partnering with a Mack or Volvo dealer, both at a corporate and dealer level.