Driving sales takes the right power/torque ratio.

DEX Drivetrain Campaign achieves 20% increase in dealer participation


Drivetrains are complicated. And as surprising as you may find it, most truck drivers don’t think about their drivetrain until they see a dramatic drop in performance. Usually, they think about it while they’re waiting for a tow. The objective of the campaign was twofold. First, we wanted to get them to think about their drivetrain before it’s a problem. And then we wanted to be easy to reach when they needed service.


We created a campaign that addressed each phase of the sales funnel. We started with trade advertising in both print and digital media to build awareness. The most critical step was dealer sales support consisting of point-of-sale displays and sales support collateral. The final components were designed to drive traffic to the dealers using target mobile advertising along major trucking routes and direct mail to fleet operations.


It was, perhaps, the greatest campaign ever executed for remanufactured drivetrains ever executed. Dealers reported success with the materials confirmed by better-than-expected drivetrain sales and dealer participation went up by 20%.