Marketing the importance of getting your customers to go away.

Certified Uptime Center Program exponentially increases growth


Trucking customers may love their dealers, but they need to get back on the road fast. Mack and Volvo dealers have made a significant change in their processes to deliver a superior service experience. After completion of training and a rigorous certification process, the dealers earn the designation of certified uptime centers. Being a certified uptime center is a competitive advantage, and the dealers need tools to communicate to their market.


A complete set of marketing materials, from print advertising and direct mail to point-of-sale displays, were served up to dealers through a secure website. With print-on-demand capabilities, dealers could adjust the imagery and messages to target existing customers and potential customers. Additionally, email communication was integrated to encourage dealers to leverage their status as certified uptime centers.


The effort is being embraced by the dealer network and continues to be a critical component in differentiating dealers in an extremely competitive environment.