When a global pandemic forces a brand pivot

Antimicrobial product launch is a lesson in flexibility and responsiveness


Our client was engaged in methodical research and development for the brand we eventually named. Novālent. Their target was originally commercial food processing and production. Then COVID-19 disrupted their plans. The brand had to quickly respond to public health needs that ranged from a shortage of hand sanitizer to products designed to clean and disinfect public spaces. Secondary product categories quickly became the top priority.


The name and the brand were developed around a long-term vision of the company as a science and technology innovator. This overarching identity allowed us to quickly extend the brand to consumer products in Australia, New Zealand and China, alongside industrial and commercial products for North America.


A successful brand launch across several industries and countries, delivered by a digital platform allowing ongoing optimization. Novālent’s story is constantly and rapidly evolving as it establishes itself as a cutting-edge antimicrobial innovator.
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