The rebrand is complete! An update on our Greensboro Brandemic Project.

Our winner of Ten Pound Hammer’s Greensboro Brandemic Project has a new identity. Triad Legal Group, the nonprofit law firm that won our 2020 pro bono branding contest, has launched its new graphic identity to more accurately reflect the mission of the organization.The Brandemic Project started as a way to help as the local business community during the pandemic, and the Triad Legal Group was selected to receive the rebrand.

Triad Legal Group is a non-profit law firm that provides legal representation to low and moderate income individuals on a sliding scale. “Our mission is to serve the Triad Community by helping those people at risk of falling into the ‘justice gap’—meaning clients who don’t qualify for free legal services through other resources but are not in a place to afford the expense of a lawyer” said Michelle Scott, the managing attorney at the group.

We were all inspired by the mission of the Triad Legal Group and thought we could really positively impact their organization. The process began with research and messaging work, with the agency conducting in-depth interviews with Triad Legal Group employees and clients.

The research told a compelling story about the work of the law firm. People often find themselves navigating the legal system feeling lost and overwhelmed. The clients spoke of the anxiety and stress of the costs as well as the legal issues and spoke of the services of Triad Legal Group of being nothing short of life-changing.

The clients told us about the professionalism of the firm, and the confidence they had in the representation Triad Legal Group provided. We believed there was an opportunity for Triad Legal Group to occupy a new position in the legal landscape with an image that was as much non-profit as it was of a law firm. The result is a new brand promise framed around the mission of closing the justice gap. A 2018 study conducted by the Federal Reserve showed that almost 40% of Americans could not cover an unexpected expense of $400. With initial legal consultations of $150 or more, it’s easy to see the issues many people face.

The new graphic identity combines traditional imagery of courthouse architecture, with the top of the column being formed by an equal sign—representing the goal of giving clients equal access to legal help. We’re very proud of the new brand we’ve created and are confident it will serve Triad Legal Group well for many years.

The new brand can be seen at https://triadlegalgroup.org/