Greensboro Brandemic Project: We Have a Winner

We asked for nominations for the Greensboro Brandemic Project and you came through for us. Our team combed through stories about many worthy local companies in need of rebranding, and after much discussion and virtual meetings with finalists, we’re pleased to announce the winner: Triad Legal Group.

Triad Legal Group believes that every person deserves an attorney, equal access to the legal system and equitable access to justice. Access to an attorney is often difficult or impossible for low and moderate-income individuals. The value of legal services can often be priceless for those who need them, but our fees are based on each client’s financial reality. “Triad Legal Group, Inc., is extremely excited to have been chosen for this rebranding opportunity with the Greensboro Brandemic Project!” said Chief Executive Officer Sharon E. Dunmore. “On behalf of Triad Legal Group, Inc., we thank everyone that is a part of this project, that has offered to help our organization during this unprecedented time!”

Ten Pound Hammer President and Creative Director Gary Thompson noted that among many great companies, Triad Legal Group’s mission and focus on underserved populations were factors in choosing them for the Greensboro Brandemic Project.