Is your brand’s customer journey worth the trip?

customer journey

Drive big results by helping your dealers focus on small moments. We marketers tend to talk at length about the Customer Journey and the Customer Experience. As well we should because these are important branding concepts. They can also be overwhelming since marketing’s role is to optimize every moment of a brand’s interaction with its […]


Sales may not be on your resume, but it’s part of every marketer’s job. I came to a couple of conclusions early in my career that have served me well. We’re all selling something. The best salespeople solve problems. Salespeople get a bad rap. They’re punch lines, the butt of jokes, and typically reduced to […]

Blame Isn’t a Marketing Tactic

We all play the blame game. Some in the marketing world have even turned it into an art form. They say: Our marketing isn’t working because we don’t have enough money. Or, Our marketing isn’t working because we don’t have enough time. Or, Our marketing isn’t working because the economy is weak and no one […]

In B2B, Brands Still Matter

I was conducting some client research for a commercial product, and the salesperson I interviewed said something that made me cringe. “Brands don’t matter anymore in B2B sales.” Though I did recoil at the notion, I have to admit that he made some really valid points. Google makes it easy to search for the lowest price. Reduce purchase decisions to that and brands start to look shaky.

Three stages of trade show marketing to maximize your ROI

  Three Stages of Trade Show Marketing to Maximize Your ROI Fall trade show season seemed to be a good time to revisit our philosophy regarding trade show marketing and participation. Trade shows matter. You don’t always get that message from exhibitors or attendees, but they do matter. You sometimes have to look hard to […]